Our Golden Rose blend speaks Italian beauty and craftsmanship at its best, with a finish in pure 18 Karat rose gold.

Back in 2010, Bronzallure came up with the idea of merging state of the art manufacturing with style. The core of our designs is stable and durable over time. Smooth and impeccable, every design speaks to those who see life in rose pink, incorporating genuine stones, freshwater pearls and the ultimate technology.


Authentic Elegance

Elegance is real only with character and a hint of sweetness. That is why Bronzallure designs are meant for those who are at the forefront in both taste and lifestyle. A tribute to those women who can be both sweet and bold, setting themselves apart with a statement of style in every aspect of their being. Contemporary, refined, classy. Featuring a finish in pure 18 Karat rose gold, Bronzallure develops the codes of Italian elegance at best. Its character stems from unique artistry and the shades of genuine stones; its unmistakable rose shade merges state of the art technology with authentic design since 2011.


Born in Milan

With international experts, artisans and designers, and a relevant female presence the Atelier embodies diversity and discerning taste and knowledge at its core. Bronzallure’s Milan-based atelier is the result of the efforts of three generation of experts in jewelry manufacturing. Designs blend such knowledge and skills with a clear concept and authentic Italian jewelry making. Meticulous attention to details and a shade that is easy to wear, match, and combine: Bronzallure’s concept is 100% designed and Made in Italy.


Moi Je Vis En Rose

Developed in cooperation with the University of Padua, Bronzallure Golden Rose is the proprietary patented blend that benefits from a flawless, generous plating in 18 Karat rose gold. The core material is a unique symphony of elegance and strength. Thanks to the intuition of our Atelier, our designs are both impeccable and durable over time: the rose gold finish adds anallergic properties to a warm core and bold designs. Smooth and refined, every item speaks to those who go for the best things in life.



We cater to contemporary women and their taste with a full range of jewelry meant for everyday use. Designs incorporate essentials such as button earrings, genuine stone solitaires and bangles, as well as spectacular sets and designs. Each item is easy to wear and combine, ideal worn alone or creating a discerning signature style for each woman. By browsing Bronzallure minimalist and elegant designs, you will discover a  world of shapes and bold pieces that go beyond occasions, and the ideal gift: choose your perfect match.


Jewelry Making

Quality is key and expertise requires the right amount of tradition and innovation. Gemologists source, select and carve magnificent stones from chalcedony to hematite, from quartz to topaz and agate: hints of natural perfection, the purest shades. Skilled cuts are performed by hand in Italy, and stones and freshwater pearls come surrounded with Cubic Zirconia - the ideal alternative to diamonds, maximizing the elegance of each design. From drawing to cutting and setting, up to engineering and finishing, beauty comes to life in more than 40 steps of production.


In Love With Women

Our charity capsule collections are fully devoted to the female world and their basic and complex needs: the Tree of Life Golden Rose designs support Fondazione Francesca Rava NPH Onlus and its projects with children, while we pride ourselves to sustain everyday female health through Fondazione Umberto Veronesi with heart shaped jewelry, directly funding the most advanced research. Because your heart is our heart, we like to project into a better future together.